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Landscape solutions

Landscape Solutions

At Turfs Up, we focus on providing custom solutions for all of your landscape needs! Through an extensive consultation, let us help you find the answers you need in order to get the most out of your space.

Landscape Design

Many of us have a vision but are not sure how to turn it into reality. Having a plan not only helps organize and make sense of your ideas, but provides an opportunity to take them to the next level. Together we can bring your outdoor space to life!

Synthetic Turf

Turfs Up has partnered with AGL Grass to provide you with the highest quality artificial turf products on the market. Lawn care is a thing of the past, this is the future! 

About us

Turfs Up is a Utah born company rising from the dust of the  water consumption crisis that has plagued our region. With a rising population, it is only becoming more important that the people who call this place home set a proper example in sustainable land planning! At Turfs Up we promote better practices by incorporating design elements that induce a sense of belonging in Utah, which is the second driest state. Water-wise landscape design is the future, and we are passionate about helping you get the space you have always wanted. By choosing Turfs Up we can show you that no sacrifices need to be made in order to have the beautiful, functional, and sustainable landscape you need!

Talk to us

We are always open to talking about new projects, and creative opportunities!