Landscape Solutions

At Turfs Up Landscape Solutions, we specialize in creating unique landscapes that enhance the beauty and functionality of our outdoor spaces. Turfs Up landscape services are tailored to your unique landscape needs, our personalized approach ensures you get the answers you need! With our expertise and creativity, we can turn any issue into a functional aspect of your landscape plans. Whether it be a existing issue, or concept development we are here to help you!

Landscape Design

At Turfs Up Landscape Solutions, we specialize in water-wise planning and the adoption of synthetic turf. Our dedicated team understands the importance of conserving water while maintaining a beautiful outdoor space. With our expertise in water-wise landscaping, we design sustainable environments that minimize water usage without compromising aesthetics. Our focus is on designing landscapes that belong in Utah’s environment, and promote a sense of place that cannot be forgotten!

Synthetic Turf

Make an impact by using synthetic turf! Turfs Up has partnered with AGL Grass to assist in the transformation of your home into an environmentally friendly oasis using the most realistic and innovative synthetic grass products in the industry. With an array of artificial lawn products suitable for applications ranging from residences to commercial properties, we have the answers to getting you a lush and beautiful, maintenance-free landscape that everyone will love! 

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Have any questions? We are always open to talk about your business, new projects, creative opportunities and how we can help you.